Kittanning Contractors is Pennsylvania’s answer for all coal-related services. With efficiency, determination, and skilled craftsmanship underscoring every step of our process, Kittanning aims to please whatever our client's needs may be. Our company's strong point lies in our ability to place manpower and equipment quickly. Mountaineer Contractors is AFL-CIO affiliated and is signatory to the operators and laborers unions nationwide. We are able to pull from secular skilled trade crafts whenever the project calls for it.

Incorporated in 2010, Kittanning Contractors, LLC was formed to perform coal- sector field work in Pennsylvania. Our company is built on integrity, performance, and safety. With the resources of our sister companies at our fingertips, we have vast capabilities that enable us to extend our reach throughout the state. Kittanning Contractors has the know-how, manpower, and machinery to provide top-notch contracting services that fulfill every possible need in the coalfield. We have experienced professionals on hand every step of the way, allowing us to offer solutions that help avoid losses in time, production, and profits.

You can’t teach experience

Executive Leadership

Our Mission


At Kittanning Contractors, our mission is to provide services with safety, quality, and integrity as our foundation. We believe the longevity of our business is dependent upon maintaining strong relationships with our associates and customers, accomplished through our professional approach and results-driven work ethic.

Our Capacity


Kittanning Contractors is the premier coal sector contractor. We have the manpower and the machinery to meet and exceed all your coal-related needs.

  • Equipment

    Pieces of quality equipment

    Kittanning Contractors maintains new and specialty equipment to perform any job. We believe in being there when a client needs us and being ready before they do.

  • Personnel

    Highly experienced personnel

    No matter the job, the industry, or the location, our vast workforce is capable of getting the job done. We hire people who believe in hard work and are willing to go the extra mile to ensure client satisfaction.

  • Experience

    Years in business

    Experience is something that cannot be taught… it must be earned. Four generations of consistent growth and determination to succeed have kept our company moving forward.

  • Revenues

    Million in gross receipts per year

    As a company, we've experienced steady growth for decades. This success is largely due to our commitment to go beyond what our clients expect, always doing what we say we will do, and delivering quality work at a fair price.

MCI Group

Vast Capabilities. Singular Goal.

The MCI Group is comprised of five core companies: Preston Contractors, Mountaineer Contractors, Kittanning Contractors, Everson Resources, and Rock Forge Bridge Co. Each company has significant capabilities, experience, areas of focus, and the same goal of delivering high-quality services to every client. As part of the MCI Group, Preston Contractors has the ability to leverage the group's collective capabilities and resources available for the benefit of our clients.