No matter the job, safety always comes first.

Our ultimate priority at Kittanning Contractors is safety. Everyone at our company is trained and vigilant to ensure that we perform our work safely. As a company, we maintain an “A” rating with ISNetWorld and go to great lengths to maintain that standing.

Here at Kittanning Contractors, safety is our number one priority. It’s not just spoken; it’s practiced every day, from management down the line. We follow MSHA and OSHA regulations, as well as our own safety policies companywide. We demand safe practices so that our people can return home the same as they came to work. We continually keep our management up-to-date on all changes made to our safety practices. Our staff is prepared to deliver safety training at any time, in order to keep everyone compliant and updated. The safety staff oversees all work sites to ensure safety is practiced. Our company enforces a drug- and alcohol-free environment with random testing. We take safety very seriously, and we hope you appreciate our company’s sincerity in doing so.


Experience Modification Rating

  • 2015 0.67
  • 2014 0.73
  • 2013 0.73
  • 2012 0.75
  • 2011 0.78
  • 2010 0.82

We currently maintain an “A” rating with ISNETWORLD.